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Corona Virus & You

Posted on 21 March, 2020 at 20:00

The Pandemic associated with Covid-19 is laying waste to our social and financial systems. We are in uncharted waters as we try to solve the crisis without tanking the economy. What can we do? Here is my list of the things we can each do to help flatten the curve while maintaining our collective sanity: 

  • Observe the public health directives - maintain social distance, self quarantine, wash your hands regularly and properly

  • Take care of yourself - continue to exercise, eat properly, catch up on your sleep 

  • Establish routine in your daily life - if you are working at your job from home, keep a schedule as much as your home situation allows. If you have recently been laid off, network with your associates and craft a plan for what you will do once it is over or subsides -continue to make plans for the future

  • Self improvement - here is an opportunity to catch up on things you have been putting off - read some books, learn a new language, start an online business, organize your household, tinker on that classic in your garage

  • Check in frequently and regularly with all the important people in your life - don't distance yourself more than you have to from the ones closest to you. 

We will get through this. Let's be thankful for what we have and pray that our leaders have the wisdom and courage to do what is required. In the meantime, let's all listen to some tunes from a simpler time.....

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